Comic 6 - Meanwhile...
14th Apr 2011, 6:47 PM
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Author Notes:
Fivepoints edit delete
Author's Comment (RYAN): All of this stemmed from the worst pun ever.

Artist's Comment (TONY): Sorry this one's late. I lost the script.
User comments:
Archmage Menelkir (Guest) edit delete reply
This one brought me from a frown, to almost neutral... I guess the writing is improving, the last panel is exploitable.
Brad edit delete reply
I'm imagining everything in Aisle 6 isn't drawn in because there's an invisibility spell over the items or they're simply hot sellers. I'm sure feminine hygiene products are in high demand in Magicland. Have you seen the bathrooms?
Fivepoints edit delete reply
@Brad: Feminine hygiene products are indeed in demand. Neither the books nor the movies explicitly state it, but I believe that all dementors are, in fact, female. After all, they do suck the happiness out of the world.